Best Nest Cake Story – From Cake inspiration


spider man cake 3d Singapore , your friendly neighborhood friend -spider man . In sugar and cream , a cake for celebration birthday cake Singapore


here is wonderful version for local spider man designed cake
this cake is not fondant , it is cream , which mean it is lighter in taste and it is more diff to produced … why ??
as the cream is easy in nature but to make it neat on the cover is skills and the pipe for the drawing of the spider web is really skill
why kind of skills ??
1. the consistency of the width of line drawn must be same , this is pressure piping skills
2. the proportion to draw , there is no chance for erase if there is mistake
why ??
as the based is cream in red , any correction of black will smear the whole cake
so this is why it is 1 stroke 1 kill , 1st time right kind of cake design
something worth to mention is also how this spidy look , it is so cute …
look at the web from the top , it is skills … and art …
for sensational cake , we treat every cake with the most art form respect .
must be perfect and tells a story and deserved a wow …

rainbow unicorn , super cute horses theme 3d cake Singapore , cake for Kyle Singapore

we have a couple of these unicorn theme , children esp little girls love it , we have one of these cake on display at our shop .
all little princess simple just glue to this cake ….
from the window
this version we did is one of the really good ones
love the rainbow , it is fine thin and very uniform to result in the great standout effect and definity the unicorn is smooth , quiet yet very adorable …
would u agree ?


Girls Theme, PINK THEME, trolls theme

Here is another amazing NEW theme we love very much , it is not the onion head , but the TROLLS
this is really cool and close rendition of the character herself …
it is not just the way she looks , but more importantly the expression …,
which becoming a signature hallmark for our brands of children cakes
can you imagine , every colors is carved and prepared separately , even for the flowers from her hair
the eye balls . the fingers
how the layers of names is carved separately yet compressed together
this artwork is not easily imitated from any artist locally
this is what is our worth and standard for a lively cake
personalize yet alive with the theme …


baby lion 2 tier cake singapore , animals jungle theme cake singapore

if you take a closer look at this cake , what do you think ???
when i 1st saw this cake in the making , i think the side is natural and excellent considering , the carved and stick the details technique is really refine and good for this cake
but i question the lion , the paws colors and features seem out of place , hence asking my designers , what happen ??
then i realised these are not mistake but real customization of a certain lion toy which apparently is the baby favorite toy and this is exactly how does the lion looks like …
nice …. 🙂

70th Longevity cake singapore , crane and chinese theme birthday cake for the elders and respected

this is best gift and close relative or family should order for the elderly at home … mommy in this case
I am preparing a similar cake for 100 year old senior .. soon 🙂