Sensational Cakes

camilla rose pattern ruffles wedding cake # very bold pink and black wedding cake # very good design wedding cake reference # customization avail

I will like to share this cake design with you 
I personally love this design very much 
the pink and white is very soft and sensitive 
the selection of black make a bold statement on the ruffles and with the used of diamond band , it give a complete contrast night and elegant for the high fashion wedding 
I just cannot find any fault if conceptional imperfection , every details is just perfect , nothing more , nothing less . 
this is how a perfect cake should be 
about the work 
the quality of the camilla pattern is superb 
the repeatition of the ruffles petal is certainly a point to note 
this cake is certainly on my A list 
The wedding cake design featured here is for theme and artwork reference only . For selection reference purpose only 
If you are keen of  this design , pls contact us 
email :
hp : 91903668 HP ( Yian ) 
Our design team is able to fulfill the technical expectation of the design .
pls call us for further inquiries and consultation .
we have many separate  reference based on the same standard quality and styling 
you may contact us for arrangement to view our wedding dummy cakes and consultations . 

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