Sensational Cakes

sweet ballerina theme design cake # special Moroccan tile design pattern design cake with sweet ruffles # pink and purple design ballet theme cake # lace ballet shoes theme cake # pattern for reference only # we offer full customization

i must say this cake design is perfect in many ways 
the concept especially 
the artwork is ruffles is excellent 
and best of all the pastel blue delicate balance and mixture of lavender and pink is just perfect 
the way the sugarcrafted ballets is tipping is excellent 
perfect , great job 
The wedding cake design featured here is for theme and artwork reference only . For selection reference purpose only 
If you are keen of  this design , pls contact us 
email :
hp : 91903668 HP ( Yian ) 
Our design team is able to fulfill the technical expectation of the design .
pls call us for further inquiries and consultation .
we have many separate  reference based on the same standard quality and styling 
you may contact us for arrangement to view our wedding dummy cakes and consultations . 

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