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How to order a Customized cake ?

Hi There 🙂

Thanks for your inquiry for our products .

We may be busy right now baking your fabulous cake and unable to attend to your needs

In order to expedite my respond to you , kindly assist on the basic inform below :

Cake Customization Request 

Delivery Note : 

*Delivery service inclusive for orders ( 10 am – 4pm includes 2 hr grace period from requested time ** subjected to seller availability ) for orders above  $160 /- on a single trip
* Delivery info Must be confirmed 48 hrs before delivery
* A booking is encouraged as we have limited slots esp on weekends , slots avail will be confirmed upon booking . standard booking will be 2-3 weeks advance . For urgent delivery , pls call me to review directly 91903668 HP 
About us in Wedding Cakes / Events Customization 
We are currently a main con to few key established player based on Singapore .Our chef were featured on local fashion magazine for wedding cakes creation. 
We are a team of players experience from 5 star hotels as well as award winning pastry chef for wedding cake design . 
We started this wedding operation to cut the retail cost and selling  direct online to direct customer and focus on corporate supplies  . 
what we assure and offer is top class wedding cake not just in terms of visual but also based on our award winning recipe for choc , and red velvet selection .
ref corporate customers includes brands like 
Bossini , Etude House , Today’s , SPH , LION corp , NuffNang , HP and many more …
for further assistance pls let me know 
lastly , thanks for your support and liking our cakes ..

God blessed you and Family 🙂  

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Yian and Team

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