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41 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hello, was looking at your web on those Chanel bag cakes. They are beautiful! Inwould like to make an inquiry. How much will it be if I wanna do a red chanel 2.55 with gold chain & logo and with some wordings? As for size im not sure but is for approx 15 to 18 paxs. And also the date I need it is on 29th Feb. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you very soon.

  2. Hi I will like to order a pony birthday cake. What is the minimum kilograms and hope can update me in the prices

  3. I want to order a 3D spiderman cake ‘page 72’ that can indicate age ‘7th’ for my Son’s birthday, please advice me the costs and Pax including how to order and any free delivery?

  4. Hi ,will like to order a tsum tsum brithday cake 2 tiers for 1st year old baby boy ..can update me in the price and the date need it is on 10 April 2016..hope to hear from you very soon…thankx

  5. Ninja turtle cake not fondant type smallest in size will cost how much? if not if I want them in cupcakes for ninja turtle, pls advise cost too. Tks and u can sms or what’s app me at 84222800

  6. Hi, I want to make a birthday cake for 21st birthday for my Son and he is working as in the Navy any nice design to match him . Either a single or 2 tiers cater for about 70 paxs.

    Further assistance please WhatsApp me 91178531 and send me the design I need it on 13/8 that is next week. Is there any free delivery?


    Mrs Ang

  7. Hi!
    Would like to check is your Malteser cheese cake suitable for vegetarian?
    Any egg or gelatine in the ingredients?

    Hope to hear from you soon…


  8. Hi, I would like to enquiry about a mince craft inspired birthday cake. 20th Aug. Delivered to Woodlands. 10 pax

  9. Hi
    I am looking for Dibo cake for my daughter 4th birthday . May I know how much is it and how to order ?

    I need the cake on 21 Aug Sun


  10. Hi i would like to find out the price for the 1st birthday Star wars theme 2 tier / tier cake. Cater to about 60 persons. Can i see more designs please. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I am interested in the nerf gun birthday cake to be delivered on 18 June. Approximately 15 pax. How much will it be?

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