shopkins kind of celebrating! colorful and cute cake design. #cake singapore


 after seeing this masterpiece i already mesmerised
by its art. dedicated by too much creativity.
can’t get enough?
here’s a thing,
we use hand crafted figurines to made shopkins.
Each figurine has a face and its own name. They are distributed in semi bright pastel colored packaging with bubble letters.  Shopkins are based on grocery items such as a sweet apple named Apple Blossom, a chocolate bar named Cheeky Chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie.
we take every details match its character so it will look realistic and more dearing in everyone’s eyes.
our finest decorator makes a lot of hard work by crafting and molding it one by one.
as for the little girl, our customer can provide what figurines they want.
this little girl is provided by our beloved customer.
indeed! cuteness overload.


1st year Horoscope year of the Monkey 3d cake Singapore , 1st year toddler cakes Singapore


it is a big thing for the chinese culture to celebrate children’s 1st year party with relative and friends . and it is a common theme to based the design on the horoscope of the baby , this year is the year of the fire monkey …
this is east meets west for a cute version of the monkey theme 3d cake made in Singapore >…

new ! dave and eva toddler theme 3d realistic 3d character birthday cake singapore . toddler celebration , 1st birthday , twins birthday bespoke grand children , best children cake singapore

this is our version for dave and eva 
once again we wanted to make a BEST version avail in the market 
so here is to the fans of Dave and Eva 
this is new request and we wanted to make both character real and lively 
we spend a good deal of time to watch and study the cartoon , and match the cake design to the team to get into this effect 
which i must say , my design team is amazing . !!
we added a video in slow motion to spin this cake 360 . hope u like it 
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perfect owl theme cute baby theme cake 3 tier , wonderful design cake with all the element for a perfect elegant baby party celebration with lots of joy and fun . Sensational cakes online serving the best designer cake and sugar craft based in Singapore

this is example of very good baby theme cake with several combined elements 
owl , ducking , ABC alphabets , pink for girl and ribbons and vibrant designs 
as many cake designer can make specific requested theme and subjects . but as a consumer it is important that the details is in the cake , in this case all you see is sugar crafted and we are proud to say very few players dif the details like this .
the details and quality is something that is rare and hard to come by these days . we always do our best all our cakes daily , making every cake fantastic and sensational 

cute pajamas teddy bears theme 3d cake # pastel theme bear cake singapore # Mr Moon pajamas theme cake singapore # cloud theme and starty theme cake singapore

this was a design we did almost 1 year ago and i forgot about it , 
it is so sweet and too good to be missed and forgotten 
so here it is ….
3 bears all difference in expression in pajamas , with their friend Mr Moon ready to sleep with all the starts friend glazing over them , 
this is blessful 1st birthday cake , we love it .. very much