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here is very nice sugar crafted version of the pororo theme 3d cake
this is very famous korean theme character , recently having a play theme ground at marina square .
we were invited to be the cake supplier as they were very impressed with our sugar crafted work for all the characters

shopkins kind of celebrating! colorful and cute cake design. #cake singapore


 after seeing this masterpiece i already mesmerised
by its art. dedicated by too much creativity.
can’t get enough?
here’s a thing,
we use hand crafted figurines to made shopkins.
Each figurine has a face and its own name. They are distributed in semi bright pastel colored packaging with bubble letters.  Shopkins are based on grocery items such as a sweet apple named Apple Blossom, a chocolate bar named Cheeky Chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie.
we take every details match its character so it will look realistic and more dearing in everyone’s eyes.
our finest decorator makes a lot of hard work by crafting and molding it one by one.
as for the little girl, our customer can provide what figurines they want.
this little girl is provided by our beloved customer.
indeed! cuteness overload.


Minnie Mouse baby pink 1st birthday #floracake#tsumtsum#sugarcraft#cakesingapore#best cake#childrenbirthdaycake

minnie mouse is really popular not just for the kids, also for adults. this goofy figurine are made with molding gum-paste. indeed all edibles for this cute one!

though this look like simple cake , but it is not ..
let me explain .
the text and number 1 is 3 layer all carefully layered

and carved in precision .
the minnie mouse figurines is done to looks really lively and happy in her expression . this is work of art from our master decorator .


this is a closed up view of the finer details 

1st year Horoscope year of the Monkey 3d cake Singapore , 1st year toddler cakes Singapore


it is a big thing for the chinese culture to celebrate children’s 1st year party with relative and friends . and it is a common theme to based the design on the horoscope of the baby , this year is the year of the fire monkey …
this is east meets west for a cute version of the monkey theme 3d cake made in Singapore >…

my little pony 3d cake singapore , fireman pony , pink unicorn 3d cake singapore , cakes for cute princesses . best 1st birthday cake singapore, specialized for cake customization singapore

Here is a cute version of popular theme unicorn craze that is going on around our island 
this new edition is primary with pink , a figurines of pink unicorn w fireman hat 
lots of clouds bunting , sweet birthday for the 1st birthday party 

baby lion 2 tier cake singapore , animals jungle theme cake singapore

if you take a closer look at this cake , what do you think ???
when i 1st saw this cake in the making , i think the side is natural and excellent considering , the carved and stick the details technique is really refine and good for this cake 
but i question the lion , the paws colors and features seem out of place , hence asking my designers , what happen ??
then i realised these are not mistake but real customization of a certain lion toy which apparently is the baby favorite toy and this is exactly how does the lion looks like …
nice …. 🙂