super Kawaii Monkey Theme 1st year custom cake singapore , 3 Tier safari jungle theme cake

This is a beautiful cake based on cute monkey theme . 
this is a cute for girl hence more of cuteness 
the wall lion and giraffe is specially carved in great details 

look at the tail , the way fondant is is fragile it is very diff to make it look this way by sugarcraft 
also the finger and palm details 
it is amazing to know this is done by expert craftsman 

Nice Bunny 1st year 2 Tier cake Singapore , Best Bunny cake singapore , Pastel and balloon Sugar craft ( Sensational Cakes Singapore )

This is a very nice 2 tier bunny theme cake . 
what is highlight of this cake will be 
1. the name Aleysha – piped by hand 
2. the expression and liveliness which is unmatched 
3. the composition , proportion and colors matched 
Look out for the details of stitches on the figurines hands and arms like the real patchwork 
excellent masterpiece !

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here is very nice sugar crafted version of the pororo theme 3d cake
this is very famous korean theme character , recently having a play theme ground at marina square .
we were invited to be the cake supplier as they were very impressed with our sugar crafted work for all the characters

kakamora Moana creatures 3d cakes singapore , 1st attempt , Princess Moana 3d Cake Singapore . 3D sugar craft birthday cake figurines of Moana Maui . Princess theme birthday cake singapore , hawaiian Tiki Maui theme birthday cake singapore . aloha theme birthday beach party cake .coconut theme , best art cake singapore # best children cake singapore

this is my 1st encounter for this moana theme request for the kakamora creatures . 
they are really cute and the cake turns out really awesome .
each of the character is pose individually , very nice 

watch the details , the sugar crafting is done to bring each of the character to life .

all these is done over this super creamy delicious belgium milky chocolate cake 

say cheese from the kakamora crew …

feedback from the kids !!!