SING THEME BIRTHDAY CAKE SINGAPORE # MRS PIG # GORILLA # KOALA # MR ELEPHANT # super realistic 3d sugarcraft design cake with LIVE stage for special 3d Birthday cake



needs to explain more , this is latest cartoon attraction ,
all character is sugar crafted , the stage inside is delicious cake wrapped in fondant and crafted to stages as it is , the text and font is added , the musical note pipe in buttercream , the spot light and let the musical begins
the theater drapes adds to the theme

rainbow animal print three tier birthday cake in singapore #3dcake #animal #cake #rainbow #birthdaybash # rainbow cake singapore # best leopard print 3d design cake singapore

this two tier animal print cake is all edible. we use finest airbrushing technique to make it look finer and vibrant .
as for making its sponge , we use fresh strawberries and cream filling to complement its look.

1st year Horoscope year of the Monkey 3d cake Singapore , 1st year toddler cakes Singapore


it is a big thing for the chinese culture to celebrate children’s 1st year party with relative and friends . and it is a common theme to based the design on the horoscope of the baby , this year is the year of the fire monkey …
this is east meets west for a cute version of the monkey theme 3d cake made in Singapore >…

BARNYARD THEME 3D CAKE SINGAPORE # red barnyard # animals farm theme cake singapore # children cake singapore # best customized cake in Singapore celebrates by all # best sugar experts singapore for cakes and pastries

this was a very nice and warm barnyard cake we did back in 2015 …
all the animals friends all there , cow , piglets , moo , doggie , little lamp 
and all ..
the hay and barn give the farm touch ..
it is quite a perfect and complete design for this special theme …

Woodlands theme 3d cake # cute forrest animals # deers foxes squirrels , theme forrest classical animals cake singapore # very good version of Woodlands cake singapore

very nice version of woodlands theme cake with classical design of animals such as deers and foxes , the log is inside w cake and detail and artbrush for perfection 
it is piece of work here 
another example of where our imagination had lead us to the storyline 

EAGLE 3D CAKE SINGAPORE , Grand Eagle Sugar Crafted Cake Singapore – Christian Theme on Wings of Eagle

This is an amazing cake , based on the Bible Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 40:31King James Version (KJV)

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

We have this request for samuel to make the grand eagle this year , it is a complete sugar crafted figurines 
take a closer look from the wings 
the best is landing on the chocolate cake 
surely one of the best of its class 


a all cast all time favorite cartoon theme , the african madagascar children theme cake singapore 
it is wonderfully colors and combined 
the cake is specially dice in square this case and design over 2 tiers of characters 
the magic 4 penguins with karate chops , and zebra and giraffe with alex Lion over the top 
a fun and happy cake make in Singapore from sensational cakes