rainbow animal print three tier birthday cake in singapore #3dcake #animal #cake #rainbow #birthdaybash # rainbow cake singapore # best leopard print 3d design cake singapore

this two tier animal print cake is all edible. we use finest airbrushing technique to make it look finer and vibrant .
as for making its sponge , we use fresh strawberries and cream filling to complement its look.

farm animals at its finest with this customized cupcakes. . #cake singapore

farm animals at its finest with this customized cupcakes.
pipping it with our  vanilla buttercream .
we pay special attention to the finer details and design to ensure all our cupcakes looks it very best …
and sizing it right for the perfect picture and party setup .

1st year Horoscope year of the Monkey 3d cake Singapore , 1st year toddler cakes Singapore


it is a big thing for the chinese culture to celebrate children’s 1st year party with relative and friends . and it is a common theme to based the design on the horoscope of the baby , this year is the year of the fire monkey …
this is east meets west for a cute version of the monkey theme 3d cake made in Singapore >…

baby lion 2 tier cake singapore , animals jungle theme cake singapore

if you take a closer look at this cake , what do you think ???
when i 1st saw this cake in the making , i think the side is natural and excellent considering , the carved and stick the details technique is really refine and good for this cake
but i question the lion , the paws colors and features seem out of place , hence asking my designers , what happen ??
then i realised these are not mistake but real customization of a certain lion toy which apparently is the baby favorite toy and this is exactly how does the lion looks like …
nice …. đŸ™‚

peppa pig daddy mummy sister brother family 3d cake singapore / pinic theme peppa art craft cake singapore / best customized 3d figurines cake from sensational cake singapore


Hope you love this cake!
Regards, Yian.
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Hot air balloon with elephant, giraffe, zebra, Children’s cake, 1st month theme, 1st year theme, 3D figurines


Hot air balloon cake topper.

This cake is guaranteed to make the centrepiece at the party and will definitely captivate the attention of the little ones.

The sugar crafted animals are all in awe.

Well, this cake is awesome in all.