Longevity cake singapore , Mr Shuo 寿星公 birthday cake , best longevity cake Singapore

this is by far the best longevity cake with 寿星公 handcrafted to such details and expression .
it is impeccable on the finest and details which we are all very proud of …
the design is with elements of golden mountain and tie shu , a kind of tree from China symbolizes long life , long life , long life
this cake will definitely make the senior so very pleased
also to mentioned , our cake is not sweet and crater for the taste bud of seniors
like us know how you want the cake inside
all can be customized


little prince and the fox .. 3d cake … a classic tale and friendship of prince and fox from French folklore … Customized cake singapore . children cake and all celebrated cakes .



this is a warming piece of work for a tale from France ..
it is animated story of little prince and fox friend

Transformer- optimus prime theme cake singapore , 80’s transformer bumble version sugarcrafted 3d cake w figurines#TRANSFORMER THEME SPECIAL CAKE FOR A FRIEND AND SON SAMUEL # MUST HAVE REQUEST LIST # ALLSPARK ENERGY CUBE # PRIM AND BUMBLE BEE SUGAR CRAFTED STANDING HANDSOME FIGURINE


this figurines of prime is based on the classic 80s cartoon but it is one good vintage artwork for fondant and artwork
the figurines in this case is requested to be kept so we create a pedestal to separate the cake from the figurine

Hello Kitty De Pari 3d cake exclusive . hello kitty pink version with poodle and eiffel tower in power sweet pink with bow and ribbons designed 3d cake from Singapore . best sugar craftsman based in Singapore for all kinds of customization and lifestyle cakes



this is really very sweet and cute concept for hello kitty cake
the elements we design for this cake is eiffel tower all drawn and carved .
the cute poodle and ms kitty on w a stroll in the park
the cake is assemble neatly in pink stripe against white based ,
and plenty plenty if rose buds from findont
it is just the signature of kitty patterns and styling