Longevity cake singapore , Mr Shuo 寿星公 birthday cake , best longevity cake Singapore

this is by far the best longevity cake with 寿星公 handcrafted to such details and expression .
it is impeccable on the finest and details which we are all very proud of …
the design is with elements of golden mountain and tie shu , a kind of tree from China symbolizes long life , long life , long life
this cake will definitely make the senior so very pleased
also to mentioned , our cake is not sweet and crater for the taste bud of seniors
like us know how you want the cake inside
all can be customized


Galaxy planet theme cake singapore

this is special rocket theme with the galaxy on the background
foer this design it is different from our usual fondant , it is done in cream and pipe and smoothen , the effect is pretty good and neat
the planets is all diff colors and customized
Hope u like this cake

little prince and the fox .. 3d cake … a classic tale and friendship of prince and fox from French folklore … Customized cake singapore . children cake and all celebrated cakes .



this is a warming piece of work for a tale from France ..
it is animated story of little prince and fox friend