super Kawaii Monkey Theme 1st year custom cake singapore , 3 Tier safari jungle theme cake

This is a beautiful cake based on cute monkey theme . 
this is a cute for girl hence more of cuteness 
the wall lion and giraffe is specially carved in great details 

look at the tail , the way fondant is is fragile it is very diff to make it look this way by sugarcraft 
also the finger and palm details 
it is amazing to know this is done by expert craftsman 

3D python birthday cake will surely captured your taste when it comes on snakes. . #cake singapore # bespoke Customized snake look real cake singapore # bestcakesingapore

this 3D python birthday cake will surely captured your taste when it comes on snakes. 
we used high quality of fondant to mold all this edible figurines.
this is another amazing work of art of our design team , the snake is easily mistaken for a run away snake ..
we added the airbrush color and scaly skin to look like a real snake !

baby lion 2 tier cake singapore , animals jungle theme cake singapore

if you take a closer look at this cake , what do you think ???
when i 1st saw this cake in the making , i think the side is natural and excellent considering , the carved and stick the details technique is really refine and good for this cake
but i question the lion , the paws colors and features seem out of place , hence asking my designers , what happen ??
then i realised these are not mistake but real customization of a certain lion toy which apparently is the baby favorite toy and this is exactly how does the lion looks like …
nice …. 🙂