SING THEME BIRTHDAY CAKE SINGAPORE # MRS PIG # GORILLA # KOALA # MR ELEPHANT # super realistic 3d sugarcraft design cake with LIVE stage for special 3d Birthday cake



needs to explain more , this is latest cartoon attraction ,
all character is sugar crafted , the stage inside is delicious cake wrapped in fondant and crafted to stages as it is , the text and font is added , the musical note pipe in buttercream , the spot light and let the musical begins
the theater drapes adds to the theme

2D Piglet cake for Jasmine ( Pig/ 2D / Butter cream cake )

Here is a NEW attempt for us to do a round 2D photo cake , this is from a Boy to his girlfriend , this is a wonderful size for couple in celebration .. Happy Sweet 19 Jas !

we added a “19” in the front , and the pictures were used to add up to memory lane … 

we love the Pink and Purple combination .. it is really sweet 🙂 

Farm Theme 1st Birthday cake : Iris : Cow and Pig 3D Theme cake ( Farm / garden / Pigs / Cow/ Duck/ Rabbit )

This is a latest customized Farm theme cake for Little Iris , the family decided to have a Farm Theme Birthday celebration . Pig and Cow is the main host for the cake , we decide to invite little rabbit and ducking as well . BTW , I am to say the little ducking you see is made by my little girl , Jiayi 🙂 

this cake is vibrant , lots of colors and love .. 

Feedback : ” KJ Tay 
Thanks again for the cake. Everyone was impressed and the kids had great fun picking off the animal and other decorations!”