Vintage Victorian opulence tiara grandeur cake by Sensational cake singapore , gold , teal 3 tier birthday cake , wedding cake

as seen , it is a specucular looking cake , very much skills and art is needed to accomplish all the details for this cake 
Yes , this is for 1 of my VIP customer hence the quality is full focus and attention for such a babe .. 
and why is love is GOD IN THE CENTRE OF ALL … 🙂 

white swan lilies 24th anniversary cake # singapore # wedding cake # white simple elegant cake # sensational cakes singapore

all our creation is handcrafted pastries , yes 
this includes the lilies and pair of swan 
it is imperative we make the lilies really thin to make it feel real 
the layout is perfect w pair of swans and lilies for this cake itself 
a classic and vintage piece .
love this design of old , it is how the older cakes were done on the craft is done based on the skills and details 
modern wedding cakes tends to “trick the eye ” with textures , watercolor combination which constantly neglected the cake craft itself 
love this cake 

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we pride ourselves for our storytelling cakes which brings all the joy , meaning and memories to so many of our friends .
this cake was customized based on the exact gowns of the wedding brides holding the champagnes and we want it simple yet elegant with the crafted sugar roses 
this design does not have fancy stencils or templates , it is all HANDCRAFTED AND PAINTED for the simplicity and hand feel in a simple yet elegant wedding cake for the family ..
we want to make every wedding cake classic and memorable 

SIMPLE 3 TIER ELEGANT WHITE BLUE RED WEDDING CAKE SINGAPORE , customized couple sugar crafted figurines

wedding cake singaporecouple with kitten wedding cake red rose cake singaporewedding cake white couple figurine

Here is what i called simple , nice elegant wedding cake
it hits right home with the simplicity and 2 main feature for a perfect wedding cake
the layout – spaced well
the componets , the cluster of red roses , these are all HANDCRAFTED from our designers , these are not perfect from the bulk and mess production , but every single petals is handcrafted to make it lively which is never seen off the shelve of DIY stores
and lastly the couple
the lovely couple were followed studies and sugar crafted to details and perfection according the gown and suits for this grand event
we are indeem honored to present this wedding cake designed at the movenpick Sentosa