streets theme 3d cake singapore – Amazing formation cakes with all elements of 80’s HipHop Break dance era … a master piece 3d cake of very good standard ( sensational cakes singapore )

At 1st glance this cake looks pretty natural , colorful . 
but it is a real creation and masterpiece in the making process .
the sizing and assembly to scale of all elements on a cake of good proportion is a challenge , this is clear example how we did it 
the elements the shoes , the turntable , the radio , Headphone and cap with musical notes 
wow , all of these craft in perfect design and proportion , this is a desirable cake with i am sure brighten the day and put a smile for everyone 

decorative boxes hermes round hanoia box 3d cake / porsche sport car theme 3d cake singapore / hermes bag and her favorites pups sports cars and hermes items on 3d cake singapore / sensational cake singapore

hermes bag 3d cake singapore

sensational cake singapore

This was a special request for a Lady / a Mum / A Boss of a established Company have a big celebration , these of all her favorites , and this is a surprise cake with all the elements requested to be customized 
all sugar crafted and customized based on the researched 
it was very well received .